September 30, 2017

Heart of an Eagle 4-Miler

Run the Eagle’s Wings | Rock the Black Heart
To enrich and empower!

The Heart of an Eagle 4-Miler brings together two complementary Veteran Service Organizations, Project9Line and Team Red, White and Blue (Team RWB) Long Island, that are making a difference in the lives of Veterans here on Long Island.  Through activity-based programming – Project9Line uses the arts and social activities while Team RWB focuses on physical and social activity – these two organizations empower and enrich Veterans’ lives with consistent and regular events.  Team RWB affectionately calls its Veteran and civilian supporters, “Eagles”, while Project9Line is known for its iconic “Black Heart” logo.  The Heart of an Eagle 4-Miler showcases these two amazing organizations as racers can “Run the Eagle’s Wings” with Team RWB and then “Rock the Black Heart” with Veteran musicians from Project9Line.  To complete this race, you must have the Heart of an Eagle!  

Visit our website for more information. Registration opens May 1st!